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An institution dedicated to Cinema

The Festival de Cannes is a leading global cultural event, and one of France’s most iconic film institutions. Supporting it is to become a part of its story, helping to perpetuate history, shape a new future, and contribute to the industry’s most pressing concerns.


The history of film is intertwined with that of the Festival de Cannes itself. Film and festival mapped out their own destinies independently, while simultaneously raising the other up to the light. Whether revealed or celebrated afresh on the red carpet, the film-makers who travel to Cannes to showcase their work all engage in a once-in-a-lifetime experience that goes on to change the course of their path and catapult them to international glory. The myth and magic of Cannes are unparalleled, and begin and end with cinema’s very best directors.


Francis Ford Coppola, the Dardenne brothers, Michael Haneke, Shōhei Imamura, Bille August, Emir Kusturica, and Ken Loach form the closed circle of directors who have been awarded two Palmes d’or, proof if ever was needed of the Festival’s exclusivity and status as home to a star-studded constellation of names. Yet the Festival has always achieved an even balance between revealing fresh talent and celebrating established stars.

In among the films chosen for the Official Selection, twenty-odd of the most prestigious international works are screened in Competition, competing for the famous Palme d’or. This holy grail of the silver screen is a tribute to greatness that has no other true equivalent, and sees those who win it immortalised forever more.

Acclaimed at Cannes

Revealed at Cannes

Often seen as the Competition’s ‘underground’ stage, Un Certain Regard is a category of the Official Selection that focuses on promising talent and fresh, bold takes. This creative springboard has been nudging leading names in the international film industry into the spotlight for decades now.

The list of award-winners revealed by the Competition’s feature film Jury at the end of each edition of the Festival de Cannes hoists the winning films to new heights, turbo-charging them with the best possible prospects to take on the rest of the international awards season, and the most prestigious of them all, the Academy Awards, held eight months later.

From Croisette to Oscars

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