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The projects supported

Two years after its creation, the non-profit “Amis du Festival” is delighted to have been able to provide concrete financial support to several projects that are in line with the missions it gave for itself in 2021:

  • PROMOTE & SUPPORT cinematic creation all over the world.

  • ENCOURAGE AND IMPLEMENT activities that involve the teaching, training and spread of film loving.

  • ENABLE AND AMPLIFY the actions of the Festival de Cannes in the implementation of its corporate and social responsibility (CSR) policies.

Which projects are being supported?

Les lauréats et le Jury de La Cinef 2023 à Cannes © Joachim Tournebize / FDC
La Résidence du Festival 2023

The Amis du Festival is supporting two major initiatives of the Festival de Cannes that seek to assist in the creation and emergence of new talents.


Selection of film school films

Created in 1998, this section of the Official Selection seeks out up and coming filmmakers in film schools from around the world. Between 15 and 20 short or mid-length films (among the 2000 films presented each year) are presented to the Jury of La Cinef, who awards a prize to the three best of them at Cannes. The international exposure that these directors benefit from allows their works to reach a wider audience and gives a boost to their burgeoning careers.


The Amis du Festival foundation provided LA CINEF with €100,000 in funding in 2022 and €100,000 in 2023

PROJECT(S) SUPPORTED: operating budget for the 2022 and 2023 selections




Support for the writing of a screenplay

Every year, this Villa Médicis of cinema welcomes a dozen young directors who are working on their first or second feature film project. The organisation provides them with a place of residence in the centre of Paris, personalised writing support and a group programme of meetings with film industry professionals.


In 2022, the Amis du Festival foundation provided the Résidence with €250,000 in funding


PROJECT(S) SUPPORTED: renovation work on the Résidence, operating budget for the 46th and 47th sessions.


© Fondation 1Ocean
Réserve de Vie Sauvage - Grand Barry © ASPAS

Additionally, the Amis du Festival has supported the Festival de Cannes in its transition towards organising more environmentally-friendly events and in financing large-scale environmental projects in the south of France.


Programme to combat energy poverty

Created in 1976, GERES is an international development NGO that works to improve the living conditions of the poorest and to fight against climate change and its impacts. By acting on the ground, GERES participants assist in the energy transition by promoting climate solidarity.


In 2022, the Amis du Festival foundation provided GERES with €50,000 in funding


PROJECT(S) SUPPORTED: programme to combat energy poverty in poor neighbourhoods in Marseille: finding households at risk, providing individual support, carrying out urgent renovation work, collecting and analysing data.



Scientific exploration for the protection of the oceans

1OCEAN is an international scientific exploration project led by the photographer and explorer Alexis Rosenfeld with UNESCO and under the aegis of the CNRS Foundation, running parallel with the United Nations Decade for the Ocean (2021-2030). Exploration, Understanding and Wonderment are the 3 foundational axes that respond to an urgent necessity: highlighting the wealth of the oceans and raising awareness on the need to protect this exceptional common good.


In 2023, the Amis du Festival provided the 1Ocean Foundation with €50,000 in funding


PROJECT(S) SUPPORTED: The Noah’s Ark of the Deep, a future for biodiversity? Genetic research on red gorgonians depending on depth and natural and artificial habitats.





Association for the Protection of Wild Animals

Created in 1980, ASPAS is an accredited non-governmental organisation (NGO) for the protection of nature and has been recognised as being of public benefit since 2008. It acts to protect flora and fauna, rehabilitate wild animals and preserve natural milieus.

In 2023, the Amis du Festival foundation provided ASPAS with €50,000 in funding

PROJECT(S) SUPPORTED: rewilding programme in the Vercors, consisting in transforming a former hunting enclosure into a vast space where all local animal species can wander freely.



Actions to promote biodiversity in the Mediterranean

Founded in 2017, NaturDive is a non-profit organisation of citizens committed to the protection of the marine environment, with a desire to act in favour of biodiversity in the Mediterranean. It implements, develops and encourages actions that seek to study and preserve the marine environment.


In 2022, the Amis du Festival foundation provided NaturDive with €50,000 in funding


PROJECT(S) SUPPORTED: PRIME, restoration of Posidonia oceanica seagrass for a resilient Mediterranean ecosystem.


© Kourtrajmé

In addition to their support for the AFFIF, the Amis du Festival has also wanted to support organisations whose vocation responds to an ambition to support cinematic creation and encourage film loving around the world.


Promoting integration by providing training in the image professions

The école Kourtrajmé exists to provide an opportunity to those who did not have access to higher education and to allow them to acquire the means to nurture their artistic intentions. The school promotes social and professional integration by offering training in the image and cinema professions. It is free of charge and open to all, regardless of whether one has a diploma or not.

In 2023, the Amis du Festival foundation provided the école Kourtrajmé with €50,000 in funding

PROJECT (S) SUPPORTED: Launch of an Actor section at the school by Ludivine Sagnier.



Alongside these projects, which are directly related to its purpose, starting in April 2022, barely two months after Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine, the Amis du Festival wanted the Foundation’s first grants to go to Ukrainian filmmakers, whose living and working conditions have been tragically worsened by the war. 


Educate and defend through documentary

Docudays is an NGO that promotes the protection of human rights, human dignity and fundamental freedoms by raising the level of civic activity in Ukraine, by supporting the Ukrainian film industry and by facilitating the development of documentary cinema as a means of information, understanding and transmission.


In 2022, the Amis du Festival foundation provided Docudays with €20,000 in funding


PROJECT(S) SUPPORTED: Purchasing of power generators for documentarians shooting near the front line




Solidarity with the film community from regions affected by the war

The International Coalition for Filmmakers at Risk has as its goal to streamline the solidarity between filmmakers from around the world in order for there to be a united voice and effective action. The creation of the ICFR meets the need of protecting filmmakers at risk by creating a mechanism and tools based on the union of the global cinema community.


In 2022, the Amis du Festival foundation provided the ICFR with €20,000 in funding


PROJECT(S) SUPPORTED: Emergency fundraising in favour of the Ukrainian cinematographic community and micro-grants to filmmakers at risk.



Protecting the film industry in Europe

The European Producers Club (EPC) is a non-profit organisation of 160 independent European producers created to protect and promote the interests of the European film industry. Founded in 1993, the EPC functions as a network, think tank and lobby that encourages collaboration, joint financing and coproductions between countries.

In 2022, the Amis du Festival foundation provided the EPC with €20,000 in funding

PROJECT(S) SUPPORTED: supply of electric solar generators to members of the Ukrainian audiovisual industry.




   The Festival de Cannes' projects

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