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Interested in supporting our work by making a donation to Les Amis du Festival? Contact us for personal assistance in contributing to our association: 




BY PHONE : +33 (0)1 53 59 61 00


tax provisions

You are: 

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Join the fondation Les Amis du Festival and participate in the development of tomorrow's young creators.

By joining Les Amis du Festival, you’ll also be joining the association and making a donation to the foundation.


According to your desires and interests, you can discover the behind the scenes of the Festival de Cannes and be invited to its privileged events.

Your donation to the fondation Les Amis du Festival is eligible for the following tax relief schemes:

For French residents:

  • 66% of the value of the donation tax deductible up to a maximum of 20% of your annual taxable income;

  • Or 75% of the value of the donation tax deductible up to a maximum of €50,000 from your real estate wealth tax.

For residents of the US of another European country: 

Your donation is deductible via "American Friends of the Fondation de France" channels or Transgiving Europe agreements. Please contact us for further details at +33 (0)1 53 59 61 25.


Your donation will be covered by a tripartite agreement signed between your company, the fondation Les Amis du Festival and the association Les Amis du Festival.

Provided the value of the reimbursements granted to your company by the association Les Amis du Festival do not exceed 25% of the total amount of your donation, you will be eligible for a corporate tax break within the following limits:

  • 60% of the amount of the donation for the fraction of the donation equal to or under 2 million Euros;

  • 40% for the fraction over this amount

If your company is not fiscally resident in France, contact us so we can check the tax provisions that might apply to you in your country of residence.

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