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The DNA for a legendary Festival



reedom & Universal scope

Artistic and political independence lie at the heart of everything the Festival stands for, paving the way for it to become the world’s leading film event guided by its own convictions. Cannes welcomes in works that say something about their times, and amplifies their reach.



iscovery & Sharing

Sharing a passion for film, coming together to experience the magic of the cinema, fostering tomorrow’s film buffs are all part of what the Festival sets out to achieve. Screenings of yesteryear and tomorrow, debates and discussions, tributes and odes, exhibitions and showcases, and lessons to be learned: pro-actively supporting the industry and nurturing a love of film.



nfluence & Prestige

Basking on the shores of the French Riviera, Cannes itself has irrefutably helped elevate the Festival. Stars take to the city’s red carpet in a moment that feels special, a miniature event in its own right imbued with a sense of solemn elegance and timeless glamour. A ritual that returns and returns, year after year.



lair and ambition    

The Festival is a trail-blazing event that never shies away from taking risks on its quest to foster film as an art form. Now more than ever before, it is vocal about the need to support artists with something to say and promote brave, radical, and fringe works.



yth & Mystery

Behind the scenes is a buzzing, complex structure underpinned by secret expertise that creates a sense of distance, sparking fascination and respect in return. Just like the films it supports and backs, the Festival weaves its own special brand of fantasy and magic...

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