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Film heritage

Over the course of its 76-year history, the Festival de Cannes has formed the backdrop to some of the film industry’s most unforgettable moments. Cannes is synonymous with Beauty and the Beast, The Wages of Fear, The 400 Blows, La Dolce Vita, The Adventure, The Leopard, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, Blow-up, A Man and a Woman, Easy Rider, Apocalypse Now, Paris Texas, The Piano, Pulp Fiction, La Haine, Life is Beautiful, In the Mood for Love, The Artist, Parasite and many more.

But Cannes also tells the story of wider history, from its most epic chapters (World War 2, the Cold War, dictatorships that barred some works and directors from travelling, social movements and upheaval) to smaller, industry-specific developments (starlets, the red carpet and steps now used around the world, fashion, top models, and selfies, to name but a few).


This rich past forms the raw material for incredible archives that are steeped in history, and which now need to be fully inventoried, protected, and promoted.


   The Festival de Cannes' film heritage

Discover 76 years of cinema at the Festival

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